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There is absolutely no way you cannot generate more income from your blog if you have CashDonator running on your articles. If within 60 days this plugin does not help you generate more income from your blog, we will happily refund you 100% of your cash


What some users have to say !
"Imagination is your Limit"

Cashdonator has made me quit using 5 premium plugins , I can say Bye-bye to those annoying pop ups to capture leads and managing my affiliate banners in text have never been so easy , this plugin adds amazing fully customisable boxes. All I can say about this plugin is "Imagination is your Limit"

- Saad Naeem

"Place Ads Anywhere Without Coding"

One of the most frustrating parts of blogging for non-techies is figuring out how to get your ads to display exactly where and how you want them.

Cash Donator makes it simple to configure your ads, accept donations and product payments without coding or worrying about getting your theme all out of whack.  How many times have you broken your theme and had to fix shuffled content? 

This plugin will eliminate the stress that comes with “tinkering” with your theme’s code. It’s easy to display ads on particular posts, but not every single one.  You can create different types of ads and display them on one page.

I’ve had an opportunity to try out this plug in and I’ve found that it’s quick and easy to use and makes ad placement a snap.

- Kiesha Easley 
WeBlogBetter - Blog tips and tricks to help you build a better blog.

"CashDonator is worth every penny"

I have tried this plugin out and found so many advantages in just a single plugin. I've spent a lot of time Googling about any plugin to make me able do display the optin form where ever I want in my blog and CashDonator is exactly what I have been looking for..

It does not only lets me to put optin forms, but also ads, product sales and donation buttons in particular posts of my blog without any coding. All I can say about CashDonator is that "It is worth every penny"

- Ehsan Ullah
Guide To Blogging

"CashDonator is not just limited to money making boxes"

CashDonator, by Enstine Muki, of EasyRetweet, was exactly what I was looking for, to augment my web site.  As many of you know, the life of the blogger can be quite busy and efficient use of time is essential if you want to be successful at what you do.  

Along comes, the CashDonator plugin.  

This plugin fit the bill when it comes to doing several things at once.  As the name implies, it assists with placing boxes on your site to make cash, whether it be affiliate programs, Google adSense ads, or even your own product.  Now, it is true that I am capable of logging into PayPal and making a button, but why do that when CashDonator does it for me in seconds?  You can edit your button any time, changing the text to be more appealing, or whatever you want to do with the box.

CashDonator is not just limited to money making boxes.  It is a virtual placeholder in your posts.  And, if you are short of time and don't have the moment to place it exactly where you want it in the post, you can set the box to be placed, automatically, at the top or the bottom of the post.  This is handy when placing newsletter code, special offers, downloads, advertising.

Literally, the uses for CashDonator are only limited by what you can dream up for your site. And, giving opportunities to put those money-making boxes, besides?!  What more could you ask for in a Wordpress plugin?

-Deborah Anderson

"Simple and yet Powerful!"

There comes a time when we all want to add that certain type of button on to our blog posts, such as a donate with PayPal button, but sometimes we just want to do it quickly without having to load up PayPal and create a button.

CashDonator allows us to do this in a simple step right from the blogs Admin, which is so much easier. But it's not only donate buttons, oh no! It allows us to create Adsense boxes, affiliate links, banner and list building options all from the blogs admin.

For me, Cash Donator is a perfect way of controlling what and where Ads etc are added and it's a must for any Wordpress blogger that wants to take their blog that one step further and start earning that little bit more from their hard work.

My advice is get Cash Donator and get it NOW!

- Karen

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